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Certifications are critical when determining if your ITAD and e-waste vendor is operating securely, safely, and responsibly. Amazingly, less than half of US states have regulations around electronic waste, despite the environmental risks that it poses. And even the most stringent state regulations (such as those in California) pale in comparison to the requirements of voluntary certifications such as R2 (Responsible Recycling). So beware, just because a company offers to handle your e-waste doesn’t mean that they should. It’s your brand and it’s your data at risk.

Read more about the standards we hold ourselves to in our QEHS (Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety) Policy.

Our Insurance
We carry all customary coverages as well as industry-leading levels of specialty insurance, including pollution and cyber liability policies.

Recycling & Operations Certifications

Homeboy Electronics R2 Certified Recycler

Electronics Recycling & Data Security

Homeboy Electronics · ISO 14001 Certified

Environmental Management

Homeboy Electronics · ISO 18001 Certified

Health & Safety Management

Homeboy Electronics · ISO 18001 Certified



Social Enterprise & Sustainability Certifications

Homeboy Electronics · Certified B Corporation

Social & Environmental Performance

Homeboy Electronics · LA County Social Enterprise

Common Good Purpose


We are a proud co-founder of Impact Recyclers , a group of social enterprise, certified electronics recyclers with the shared mission of employing people facing significant barriers to work. Our member organizations offer data destruction, IT asset management, electronics refurbishment and remarketing, and e-waste recycling solutions. All members are licensed, insured, and R2 or e-Stewards® certified.

Impact Recyclers
Homeboy Electronics Recycling:Homeboy Electronics Recycling: R2 Responsible Recycling CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-14001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 Certified